Sunday, January 6, 2019

Calvin Runs

I’ve always loved Calvin’s attitude towards running. When he was in elementary school I took him to a pint-sized track meet.  On the way there he announced that he was planning to win all his races.  I worried his optimism might not be his reality and he would begin to dislike running.  After the meet was done and he didn’t win any of his races and I asked him how he felt, “Great!  I didn’t come in last in any of my races!”

He’s a good sport in all his races and enjoys the doing, even if it doesn’t mean winning.  Below is another meet he participated in a couple of years later.  He had a great time running, hanging with friends and being apart of the teams.

Calvin ran in the Park and Rec races and enjoyed his time

Calvin in black and purple.


David’s indoor soccer team—the Hobos.  Even though they lost every regular season game, they won two games by forfeit in the semi-finals, and then the second ranked team did not show up, sending them to the championship game where they fought hard to become the first losers.

Happy birthday!

Taran gives root beer. 

And cuddles. 




Oscar. (Emma was at school & I was taking the pictures.)

After work selfie. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Spring would not come!

A business started to get Madison excited about spring by painting flowers on its window. After several snow days and a blizzard I went on a run and found this regination.

The hail that fell like snow. 

But we got out to see a show. Suessical the Musical with the whole family at SDSU.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday, April 8, 2018

April so far, part 2

Okay, so there was a little more than just snow. But it is snowing outside right now, it doesn’t feel like April 8th, it feels like January 78th 😬. 

Issac Meyer did his Eagle Scout project at library by helping to make a Teen Space. A final touch on a work project I’ve spent over a year creating. 

David joined the Master Singers and sang an at St. Thomas Catholic Church. Easter concert. He had a beautiful solo. 

Taran telling a blasphemous joke, “Look mom, the Holy Ghost.”

Another bad Taran joke. Me: Taran put on deorderant. Taran...

Easter!!!  So much sugar!  We actually did Easter really poorly.  We dyed eggs and Emma made nests, but we did have a hint until a week later. 

Taran joined the after school Computer Club. They created their game and took it to SDSU. They won!!!

Emma and Willa went to Sioux Falls to do a little spring shopping. She came home with this outfit (but not the hat).

April so far


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Weekend Notes

David went to the DSU play The Elephant Man. The was a “carnival” in the lobby that turned him into a mythical beast. 

Calvin was Alexander Hamilton for the 6th grade People of the Past. It’s like an animatronic museum. You put a quarter in the historical figure and it tells you about its life. 

He did well. 

Library Fruit Basket Upset!!!  Isaac Meyer chose his Eagle Scout project to be book moving. All Saturday was spent moving books and bookshelves and assembling chairs to make the library new again. 

Image may contain: 6 people, including Emma Martin, people smiling, people standing

Image may contain: 7 people, including Emma Martin, people smiling

Emma had fun at SDSU and shared these pictures: the air band competition (she’s bat girl) that they won and the tug of war. She is apart of the women engineers sorority. 

Willa’s hair. Willa’s sleep mask. Willa’s life.