Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mpls Art: art with friends

Last year, in November, our wonderful friends, the McKee family came for a short visit to Minneapolis. We ran around Minneapolis doing fun things and taking pictures of it.

We went to Como Park Zoo where we found this funky bench.
(While not strictly Minneapolis art, the zoo is in St. Paul, I think it still counts.)

And I had to put this picture in, it's so sweet.
Poor Calvin was crying because he was terrified of the Gorillas.

On another day, we visited the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. We started out in Loring Park and took the Irene Hixon Whitney bridge designed by Siah Armajani. There is a poem that runs the length of it by John Ashbery.

The bridge from Loring Park to the Sculpture Gardens.

This sculpture is named Arikidea (the spider) by Mark di Suvero. It's fun because a swing hangs from the iron beams.
Interesting story: When we first got to the sculpture two young hipsters were enjoying the swing and each other a little too much. The couple was very happy to share the swing after I encouraged my children to pile on. I always think it's fun to let my kids loose on situations like this. It stops the inappropriate behavior by reminding them what such actions beget.

The Spoonbridge and Cherry is to Minneapolis as the Effiel Tower is to Paris. Just not as well visited.

And instead of iron it's made of fiber glass.

This is a bit of a sculpture called Molecule by the same man who did the spider one. I'm sure it's very gauche to say it, let alone write it, but I couldn't help thinking how heavy these suckers would have been when installing them.

My favorite, Standing Frame. It's made from charred white oak. And you're meant to look through it. I don't know why, but a massive walking frame tickles me.
Maybe because it's a Godzilla meets art type deal.

This is within the Cowles Conservatory. It was very warm and very green in there. These are things I notice now that I live in Minnesota: "Hmmm, green and warm, I need to come back in February."

Behind us is the Standing Glass Fish. It's okay, but Taran, Jessica, Lisa, Joseph, me and Calvin are pretty spectacular too.

The last piece we visited with was Two-way Punched Steel Hedge Labyrinth (that's a mouthful!). It was cool, we could see both in the mirror and through the mirror.
There was so much more that we didn't get to see and we didn't photograph. If you're in the area and want to go, then let's!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mpls Art: a bike ride around Lake Nokomis

Here is quick history of our art expedition by bike around Lake Nokomis. We also took some pictures of art that we saw on the way back home.


And it's friend... "A colorful poop"?
Sorry, for the language, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

Really, these guys are called “Tardigrade” and “Whirling Euglena,” by Minneapolis sculptors Christopher Sutton and Sreekishen Nair and are made mostly from recycled materials. They celebrate microscopic water beings and the water in which they live.
But I seriously thought it was a chair. In retrospect, I shouldn't have let my kids sit on it. Opps.

The sculpture, "Blue Heron with Pumpkin Seed," made from recycled metal and rebar by Judd Nelson. Odd story: We were enjoying the art piece when a elegant, elderly woman came up to enjoy it with us. She was delightful and kindly pointed out a spot where a little fish had dangled under the lily pad, but sadly was broken off. I was appropriately appalled, but refrained from harsh words, because I always seem to say something offensive. But I didn't need to, she walked off muttering "JERKS."]

The jerks were here too. This was a really cool antlered deer made of motorcycle parts. The head is missing. Enoch is filling in quite nicely.
"Recycled Deer" was created by Albert Belleveau of Maple Ridge Township.

Update: The head has been replaced with a unicorn head! It's fun, but it's been too snowy to snap a picture. Just you'll have to believe me or see it yourself.


What could that be?

But why?

Oh, it's Sara Hanson’s “Interstellar Record,” depicting a communication tower and it houses a time capsule.
Of course.

"Baying at the Moon," a tribute to man’s best friend, was created by Deb Zeller of Victoria, MN.
Or as we call 'em, "Goggies!"

If you squint hard you can see the bike convoy that gets us around. It's a trail-a-bike with a bike trailer attached. Five wheels, four riders, three vehicles, two sets of pedals, one brake.

On the way home, we saw this cool stick like contraptiony art just near someone's front door. It reminded me of a nest. That's one thing I really like about Minneapolis: art everywhere! There at the park, here hanging on a front porch.

Or sitting outside the comic book shop...

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mpls Art: A Baker's Wife's cow

A short ride from our house is the most amazing, wonderful, and DE-lish-ci-ous bakery called "A Baker's Wife." They recently acquired a cow. Which we qualify as art.

Cow outside of A Baker's Wife

The best thing on the menu is the American Tea Cake...

Willa with an American Tea Cake.

Willa without an American Tea Cake.

So YUMMY! It is it's own piece of art.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mpls Art: the Guthrie

A trip to the Guthrie is an example of some of the architectural art in Minneapolis.
The theater (actually it holds three theaters and a four star restaurant) sports pictures of great playwrights. Emma, Taran, Enoch, Calvin and Willa stand in front of George Bernard Shaw for scale.

We did go out on one of the "longest, occupiable cantilevers in the world." But I didn't get any pictures. Dang it! But just to be able to say "Longest, occupiable cantilever in the world, well one of...", now THAT'S braggin' rights.

This is the lobby of the Dowling theater. It is made with orange glass walls and a glass ceiling and even some of the floor is glass, which Enoch and Calvin appreciated.

Looking out on a very yellow downtown.

My next Mpls Art goal: actually see a play.
(I'm not sure if you've noticed but the things we do tend to be free. Or at least very, very cheap.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mpls Art: Sunday walk with Graffti under a Bridge

As you wait for my computer to be fixed, please enjoy old posts that I never blogged about art in Minneapolis...

The train bridge over head, the Mississippi below, Willa on David's shoulders, me taking deep breaths. I don't like cliffs. Heights are fine, until you get to a cliff.

The "art" we found. It was unexpected which made it even better.

Vibrant colors, bold lines, we'll take art wherever it is.

Other beautiful sights along the walk.

Down on the Mississippi.

We'll also give time outs, anywhere and anytime they're needed.


Holy Jeans Emma!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mpls Art: bike ride and Bronze Shoes

Along the Midtown Greenway there is a series of benches with bronzed shoes stuck on them. The official theme of the public art project by Greg Ingraham and Teri Kwant is Personal Journeys. Each pair of shoes come with a question and represent a theme. We didn't know about the themes or even ponder the questions much. We just wanted to know, will they fit?

Taran and the Work Boots
Answer: These did not fit. They are half filled with bronze on the inside. However, someone did plant a pretty little flower in one boot. It was not doing well on this day.

Calvin with Clogs
Answer: They fit perfect! He's ready for tulips and windmills and lederhosen!

Enoch in Moccasins
Answer: They only half fit. No dancing with wolves for Enoch.

Great Graffiti Wall
Along the ride is a large building the has obviously allowed graffiti artists to practice their craft. The picture is lousy because I took it while pedaling/pulling three children down the bike way but it's quite a site in person.

Me in High Heels
Answer: Art imitates life. I don't wear them in real life, they don't fit in art.

Willa in High Heels
Answer: In a few more years.

Willa and the Button Up Heels
Answer: Darling! How do we get them home?

Emma in Birkenstock Clogs
Answer: They're okay. Honestly, birks are ugly even in bronze, but without the hippie comfort.

Taran trying on High Tops
Answer: Not at all!

Emma in the Flip Flops and the end

Answer: Just Right!