Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Official Martin 2011 Celebration

It's not too late to post this because it's snowing out there. Snowing a lot. Winter is still in full swing here and I'm starting to go a little nuts. So let's go back to a time when it was colder and darker to give me perspective: Dec. 31st 2010...

We started our night by making paper crowns. And waited for midnight.

Then decorated the semi-traditional gingerbread house. And waited for midnight.

While waiting for midnight, we cut up paper to use as confetti.

And waited.

Some of us didn't make it.

It was getting closer, so we set the table with goodies.

While daddy "put Willa to bed."

Calvin tried to pass the time by coloring.

Finally! Happy New Year! to the two (and me, three) who made it all the way to 2011!

In the morning we cracked open the gingerbread house and shared the goodness.

May your year be blessed.

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