Friday, November 9, 2007

First Snow

It's snowing!
The first things that went through my head...
-That's pretty.
-Oh no! Emma was not dressed warm enough today.
-I guess it's really time to get that new coat.
-I should have raked the leaves yesterday.
-I'm going to have to dig out the snow boots.
-I should bring in all the toys from the lawn.
-It's really pretty.

So here you are. I decided taking and sharing pictures would come first. I'll get to all that other stuff...eventually.

Nocha and C enjoy the snow. (The other two are already at school.)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween 2007

Here are two pictures from the Church Halloween Party. The Donuts on a String game was a winner. Calvin would walk away from the game and then run back when no one was looking, grab one down, and stuff it in his mouth. He must of eaten five or six of them.
Emma and our neighborhood friend Haily compete to see who can finish first.

Here's "spooky Halloween night."

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Children's Museum

The Minnesota Children's Museum is AWESOME! We are so lucky to have a year pass (thanks Amy). When Addy, Henry, and Kirsti came out to play, we took them.

They have rotating exhibits at the MCM. This is the newest, Sesame Street. Emma, Taran, Addy, Enoch, Calvin, and Henry are hanging out in Big Bird's pad. Addy just door bell ditched Sesame Street 123, Emma sits in front of some old Sesame Street toys. Does anyone Hasleton reognize the Fisher-Price toy behind her?

Kirsti Comes!

We love you Aunt Kirsti!


Our very own "Dently" a '98 Caravan was transformed from banged up family car to "race car" by Dad and his boys. Enoch loves to drive in the race car van. I think it looks like a life size Pinewood Derby Car.

Butterfly Boy

Taran has been learning about Monarch's at school. He came home wearing this not too long ago.