Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm finally digging myself out of the mountain of life that has been on top of the Martins since Christmas ended.
In an unusual series of events, I got a job! It was just for a month and it was processing payroll; which is probably better than processing chicken parts--unless you get to sit down in chicken factories.
I took the work because the same time that Minnesota State University was furloughing for two weeks a friend needed help completing all the year end work payrolls require. It was kismet and I felt like when the fates combine that well, you got to take advantage of it.
But I can't tell you how happy I am to resume my life as trophy wife. Which is funny, because in all my growing years, I never wanted to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I pictured myself as a highly capable working mother, saving the world and making dinner.
Sadly, I couldn't cut it the real world. But in my defense, I was working 10 hour days at a physically demanding job that didn't require a high school degree. But in rebuttal to my defense: That's the real world.
So, now I'm back to the easy life of constant cleaning, cooking, driving, shopping, policing, loving, and diaper changing. I just now have twice the cooking, cleaning, shopping...etc. because as good a superman that my husband is, things where starting to get a bit desperate around here.
Ahh, yes, Life is good!

Snow Day 2010

In an effort to catch up in at least this part of Martin life:

Sometime in the middle of December it snowed.
A super lot.
Here it is in pictures...

Digging out a place for the car.

Digging out neighbors' cars.

Done digging.

What we do when snowed in for three days...
A fort!

The aftermath.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bloomin' Winter

We caught Santa at the garden store Bachman's. He told the children a story about the best gifts being homemade and then took Christmas wishes on his lap. Even Emma talked with him. While there, we picked up some paper whites. Watching them bloom and grow was therapeutic to our inbound souls.

Just starting

Green and growing in the winter.