Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Snow Baby's 2

Willa, my February child, is the only true Minnesotan in the family and it shows because she's the only one who really loves the snow...

Last month she turned two and we the grand celebrated by visiting The Children's Museum...

And proving that the "terrible twos" are a true phenomenon...

Her spirits lifted though, by eating her favorite food for dinner (cereal) and opening gifts...

And more gifts...

(She LOVES the dresses you made Amy. Thanks!)

Happy Birthday to our Willa Vanilla!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This close to Valentine's day...

...I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve and the nativity.

Taran as Joseph. Mommy/Lisa as Mary. Willa playing herself.
(Pay no attention to the crooked or empty picture frames in the background.)

Uncle Kyle, Elder, and Calvin as Kings. Willa as herself.

Elder, Enoch, and Emma as shepherds. Taran as lurker.

David as pianist and Aunt Cheryl as Angel.

Just after Santa left.

Christmas Morning

Writing notes with our gift to Christ in Mommy's and Daddy's bedroom.
(Please pay no attention to the messy closet behind the Aunt.)

(Also, ignore the tree leaning furiously to the right, oh and the unlit top.)

Willa got a baby!

Emma made a family photo book for her brothers.

sadly, that is all I got. No Santa gift, no stocking openings, no breakfast, no post gift wrap carnage... My photo finger must have been tired. But we had a wonderful Christmas and hope that yours was as happy.

quick update

Here's how Willa's prized Christmas present is doing today...

And just to show that art reflects life, take a look at that belly... cute as they are, the pens are now stored on top of the fridge.