Sunday, March 20, 2011

Computer Kaput! so, Minneapolis Art

My computer's broken! For two weeks David has been on again, off again trying to fix it. Tonight he finally gave it up. It'll be in the shop for at least another week. I'll admit it, life without a computer is sad. Sad for what I want to do and can't (pay bills, send emails, waste copious amounts of time, etc.) and sad for the dependence I have on a box plugged into my wall.

But never fear! I have some back logged posts that I never did put up. Why didn't I ever post them if they were all ready and waiting. Laziness? Forgetfulness? Wander lust? I guess I'm just a very complicated person and you'll never really know.

Without further ado, I give you the first in a series: Minneapolis Art

Minneapolis is not only a city of lakes it is also a city of art. There is art in every form everywhere. Even our neighborhood association promotes murals on garages and fences to deter tagging--and let's not forgot art cars.
Not long ago they installed a beautiful drinking fountain a few blocks away. We took a walk just to see it, drink from it and enjoy art. It was fun and gave us a purpose for our Sunday walk, which got me thinking. Let's do this more often!
Following this post is the little bit of art we visited and photoed (I'm always remembering to take pictures after I get home) over the warm months of Minnesota.

We begin with The YWCA Water Fountain...

Close up of a duckie.

Taran getting a drink.

Close up of a trilobite.

Willa and Mommy. (I got an interesting hair cut this summer that occasionally required interesting hats.)

Willa drinking.

This drinking fountain was designed by the students of South High School. It was meant to be one of many all over the city of Minneapolis... City of Lakes... City of Water... City of Artistic Drinking Fountains! Get it? It didn't fly well with politicians during a recession. Only three or four of the initial dozen got made. The classic art vs. funding battle played out right in front of our Y.


Reuben said...

Well, so the obvious question is how are you posting this if your computer is broken???? Magic? Sorcery?

Reuben said...
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Lisa said...

Like I said, I've a very complex and I should add amazing person...
And David has a laptop that I occasionally steal away, which is why I'm furiously checking things this morning before he leaves with it to work.
Oh painful dependence. How will I know how much money I have in checking? What is the weather like? Who is trying to contact me? I won't know again until this evening.