Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

For the second year in a row, my surprise Christmas present is strep throat! And just like last year, I started to hurt on Christmas Eve. By Christmas morning it was pretty clear that I’d been bitten: my tonsils were trying to push themselves right out of my throat. In fact you can hear my just-swallowed-marshmallows-voice in the Christmas videos I took.

Christmas day was still great but I’m feeling pretty low right now. I’m in good company, Calvin has strep too. And we’ve been administrating antibiotics to Enoch and Taran for the last week. At least this year wasn’t as painful as last year. And it’s kind of nice to sit around on the day after Christmas and read and watch TV and ignore the mess and tell myself, “I’m too sick to clean.”

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Hello!!! It's me again! said...

Hi you guys! I'm so happy to find out that you have a blog! You kids are so big and cute I can't believe that Calvin is so big already , email me so we can keep in touch , we miss you , oh and I love your hair is cute and and Emma's too.