Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Notes

October 24, Friday

This weekend all the fun happened Friday night.
(Not that Saturday was a total disappointment, I did get my kids to scrub the floor. Now that's happiness!)

Anyway, back to Friday night, Emma had her piano recital. It was a Costume Concert, she played "All My Friends" as a duet with her teacher. She was dressed as an angel.

Here is the group of musicians.
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She played her song very well and just a touch fast.

She was a tad nervous, but she was more anxious to leave and get to our Church Halloween Party where there was games, CANDY, and friends in costume.

Taran went dressed as Indiana Jones (or as Enoch says, Annie-and-a-Jones.)

Calvin was the dark knight.
The "M" stands for Martin.

And Enoch was the light knight.
They were both good guys.

Here's Emma eating a heavenly treat.
Thanks Nana for finding the perfect dress.

And I got a photo with Sarah Palin!

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