Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting There

We spent a long weekend at my aunt & uncle's ranch in Big Sur. We had a GREAT time! But, getting there was the hard part. It was rainy and stormy, the power was out through many of the cities that we drove through. The going was slow and boring. We took several wrong turns. Things were getting tense. Okay, we were yelling.
Finally, we pulled off the road and took a break at a seedy little Burger King with hundreds of crowns put out. The burgers were awful, but the hats were super!
We decided that whoever wore the crown longest, would win.
I won!


Tony and Debbie said...

From someone who used to be a professional at Burger King, I am highly offended by the comments you made about their burgers. Yeah right! Blech! ;) Debbie

We are Martin said...

Really, I usually love their burgers, but for some reason what I ate at this particular one was pure grease. At least it was hot.