Sunday, May 10, 2009

You're a Wonder

The cards never got out--this motherhood stuff is HARD--but this is what they would've said:

Dearest Mommy,

Thank you for getting me a Cabbage Patch Kid when no one else could get one and agreeing that Crystal was a good name for her.


For buying me Wonder Women underoos and letting me wear them and only them (but just inside the house).

And, eventually, a bra and making me wear it (when I left the house).

For letting me find my own style which really meant decorating my room with so many posters that you couldn’t see the walls (and especially thank you for not freaking out when I painted a pink heart under the window in hot pink hair color spray).

For making huge batches of chocolate chip cookies and freezing them for later and not crying in frustration when they were gone in two days anyway because, really mom, they were soooo good frozen-chewy and hard and cold. I want one RIGHT now.

For listening to me talk about the Babysitters Club book series and not snorting with laughter when I declared I’d read them FOREVER!

For making dinner every night and allowing me to “hate” your chili.

For being a good sport when we laughed at you for your technology “skills” (aka. dropping remote controls to make them work.)

For taking me grocery shopping and buying me a candy bar each time (even when I was old enough to go out and buy my own it was still a treat to go with you).

For french braiding my beautiful, long blond hair.

For picking lice out of my beautiful, long blond hair instead of chopping it all off in second grade. And again in fourth grade.

For letting me chop off my beautiful, long blond hair in fifth grade.

For taking me to violin, piano, seminary, school, the mall, church, track, tennis, my friends houses, etc., etc., etc., and then letting me drive to violin…

Thanks for “Lazarus” and “’da Hooptie.”

For being nice to all my friends, but you didn’t need to be so nice to Robert’s.

For blaming it on the kids in the court.

For loving my daddy, your mommy and daddy, the gospel, Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and, of course, ME.

For showing me how to be a good mommy, I’m trying to be just like you!


Laurie Hasleton said...

This was so sweet, tender, silly and fun! So that's where all the cookie dough went. And here I thought it was those pesky court kids!


Camille said...

I had the same Wonder Woman UnderRoos. I wore them every day too!