Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mommy Fashion 101

I am sorry for this post, I had not intended to post it as you see it. Then I had intended to delete it, but felt that I should leave it up for a day to let the people who commented get my return comments. Then I never did get around to actually deleting it, just like I never got around to cleaning out the basement, or responding to the PTA emails.

So now, I feel like it should be a permanent part of my blog. There is nothing wrong with the post, except that it doesn't make sense because I'm no where close to a fashionable person. I get excited when I find a brand name shirt at the thrift store that fits. The original idea behind the post was to express the irony of a mother of five trying to look good for others before 9am when her mornings are devoted to preparing others for their day. I had to get out that early and look better than the standard sweatshirt and jammie bottoms because I was visiting teaching.

In other words, I just felt like I didn't convey myself truthfully. And besides, I try to make this blog more about my family, than about me, which is of course what I'm all about. That said, enjoy...

What to wear when you have to get out.

1. Headband to cover the unwashed hair.

2. Chunky, funky red glasses to hide the tired eyes.

3. Jacket to make jeans and a tee-shirt look like more than jeans and a tee-shirt.

4. Black tee-shirt. Slimming.

5. A pony tail keeps unwashed hair gathered and hidden.

6. Jewelry draws the eye upward, away from the flubby tummy.

7. Cute children--the best accessory!
Nobody will be looking at your tired, unwashed, flubby self if your children are this adorable.


Reuben said...

Good work! Babies are like a "get out of being fashionable free" card.

Diana said...

Took copious notes for next time! You're beautiful!

Lisa said...

Whoops! How embarrassing. This was not supposed to be posted. It was just one of those things that I did to make me laugh. You know because it's so ironic. Me fashionable?
So sorry. I'm taking it down soon.

Reuben said...

Oh no! I urge you to leave it posted. Diana is right. You look great, & this post is funny. Plus you look better than I ever do on weekends and the closest thing I've got to a child is a lousy Laundry Gnome that loses all my socks.

BTW - did David tell you I told the entire Elders Quorum to read your blog a few weeks ago?

Sarah said...

as usual, you made my day!!!!!!! I love you!!!!! It's nice to hear someone is in the same boat as myself :)

Krystine Stephenson said...

I love it Lisa! Thanks for the post!