Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dently Takes a Holiday

Our wonderful family van celebrated Earth Day today. And by his not starting, we observed Earth Day by biking it.

Emma and Willa on our way to school which is about 4 miles away on bike trails and city streets.

Nothing makes you feel more alive than a city bus bearing down on your baby's trailer and than feeling that whoose as it passes on your left on tight downtown one ways.

To complete the festivities, Emma and I bought a donut on "Eat Street." You gotta burn calories to earn calories. Good dougnuts! If you're on Nicollet go to "LY Sandwhich and Bakery."

Finally, we made it. This is one of the awesome pieces of art outside.

But what makes her school really awesome is the buildings around it. (I found this picture here. It said it was free for web use.)

All in all with dropping her off, picking her up, taking her home, running a few errands, and getting a little bit of alot lost (googlemaps for bikes is Beta), I figure I logged about 20 miles. My tighs are killing me and Willa cries when she sees the bike trailer.

Happy Earth Day everyone!


Reuben said...

This is a fantastic post! Looks like Emma got a new bike!

Hands down, buses are the scariest part of biking - especially school buses. I always feel like school buses pass too closely.

Get ready for Collins Family Cyclefest 2010. The route and date have not been finalized yet, but it will be shorter, easier, more family friendly, and involve more ice cream and tacos than last year.

Melanie said...

I hope our family is as cool as yours someday.