Sunday, May 23, 2010

Martin Quote

[At dinner, discussing our futures.]

Taran: I have to go to college because I want to be an inventor.

Mommy: And Emma will need to go to school because she wants to be an artist.

Emma: Or a mom. Or an author.

Enoch: I want to be a window washer.


The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Hey, most people in the world are too afraid to become a "real" window washer. You have to go super high.

Reuben said...

Not to get all serious on the blog or anything, but can I say how grateful I am that girls like Emma & Willa are growing up in a world that allows them to be anything they want to be - and do anything their brothers can do? That makes me happy. It wasn't too long ago that girls were taught that they wouldn't have the same opportunities as their brothers. Modernity, FTW!

Lisa said...

Thank you Reuben, I appreciate your insightful views. In fact, they inspire me. See my latest post for a "shout out."

Jennifer, I totally would have been more inspired by his proclamation if I'd ever seen him wash anything without tears. Or ever climbed higher than his head. But what can I say, I'm just so proud that he's figured out that he might need to work at something, someday.