Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's a ...

We found out the gender of our baby a while ago and in true Martin form I am now documenting it a month later.

The night before the ultrasound we took a "Gender Wager."
Four pennies were on the line. Yep, we play it big!
Notice how the boys chose "boy" and the girl chose "girl."
Willa hadn't formed an opinion yet.

Because I had announced the pregnancy with balloons, I thought it'd be fun to do the same with the gender. I put the balloons in a box and told them blue for boy, pink for girl.

Just before the reveal. (David already knows in this picture.)

One last vote:

Who thinks it's a girl?


Willa had the honors, as the one who is going to be displaced as baby, of opening the box.


David and I, and Emma, were wrong! Taran, Enoch, and Calvin were right!
Emma was a good sport, but Willa was furious that everyone was holding her balloons.

In honor of our impending boy: Balloon Fight!

So, a fourth Martin boy. I am happy, but also wary. You see, even when I learned that Calvin was a boy I was nervous. I grew up with 3 brothers and the laundry that they make, the amounts of food they consume, and smell that emanates from them is amazing to say the least. My own sons are living up to their uncles' legacy and another boy, I'm assuming, is only going to add to the madness.
But his brothers are so excited. They keep finding new names: Mario, Diego, and Boots Beaveron. Taran imagines a little brother army he can control, Enoch wants something to snuggle (and control), and Calvin just wants a little brother (to control). This poor, poor lucky, lucky kid. We eagerly await his arrival sometime in late summer. We're all waiting for you Mario Boots Martin!


Jen said...

Yehaw! Another BOY! That is some exciting news :)

Melanie said...

Exciting! I love how you told the family! My vote is for Super Mario!

Katie said...

yay! I love the names!

Sandee said...

Congrats Martin family. I am so excited for you! You seem like such a great Mom, Lisa. Take care.

Kristen said...

You are so fun and inventive! I bet the kids loved voting and then the surprise! Congrats to another little boy Martin!

Reuben said...

Boots Beaveron?

Well that's the clear standout - not to mention the coolest name I've ever heard.

Aida said...

what a fun way to announce! Congratulations!