Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter, Beginning Anew

Since Easter is about new life, beginning again, and cute new outfits, it seems like a perfect time to restart this blog. I went offline for a while and let record keeping drop from my long list of things to do. Sadly, this means that some important moments went by without documentation. But they still happened and that's real important thing. I do hope to go back and fill in holes, but for now, I look forward.

With that, I give you Easter, the Martin Way...
The Martin Kidlins at church all in their new Easter finery.
Willa starts the hunt at Aunt Cheryl's & Uncle Kyle's house.
Elizabeth and Oscar, delighted.
Calvin, on the move.
Taran, Elizabeth, Emma, and Willa.
Oscar spots a trail of chicks.
David and the gang.
Cheryl, Makayla, and Kyle.
David holding Taran back.
Cousins and candy!
Hooray for Easter!
...and we always need a picture of the peep.

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