Saturday, February 16, 2013

Willa's Party: An Unwilling Report by Emma

Parental Note (6/2/13):  Emma conceived, planned, and hosted this adorable "Animal Party" for Willa's birthday all on her own.

Right now, I'm being called the "meanest stister in the world!" But on Willa's birthday, I wasn't.
Hi, I'm cute. And I found a camera. Perfect!
This is Jessica McKee, a friend from N. Dakota. Her family was over. Yay!
 Pin-the-tail on the Pig

Duck, duck...
Genevive with her hippo hat. Cute!
I made a Kitten Cake.
Die cake! DIE!
This cake. It attacked me.
 That was Willa-Woos Party. She's four now. Sigh.
The guests were Genevive, Atticus, James, Elizabeth and Becky. Out of town friends, a cousin and friends from church + animal party = Crazy preschool fun.

See ya'. Or not.
Dunh Dunh Dunh....

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