Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Merry Easter

It's that time of year when the world falls in love, every sound you hear seems to say... It's Snowing on Easter?!!

Minneapolis looked like this

So we packed up and headed south to find family, friends, and grass.

We visited Kirsti, Addie, Henry and the whole Meyer clan in Madison, South Dakota.
On Saturday we dyed eggs, watched TV, and reconnected.
Then on Sunday we went to the Seventh Day Adventist Church? (the LDS building is being renovated)and from there we bundled up and waited for the Easter Bunny at Peggy's house...

The Hunt is on!
Calvin and Addie start to search.

Enoch, come on down!

Addie knows that it's what's inside the "basket" that counts.

Taran searches.

Kirsti and Henry point out a snow bunny.
In the words of Kirsti, "Wahahaha, I'm funny!"

The bounty of the bunny in motion.

Hadassah and Emma, cousins-no-second cousins!

The whole gang (minus Cheryl the camera man).

Henry in his spring finery.

He's just too cute to only post one picture!

The yearly peep challenge.

Hey Kirsti, Cheryl, what's that peeping out of your mouth?
(Now who's worthy of wahahaha?)


Whitlatch Family said...

Luv the peep challenge. Will do next year. At least we had sun in Eureka until Easter evening when it started to rain. Can't believe how big everyone is getting.

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

Ok, you can be an authorized user of the "wahahaha", just make sure you censor yourself and don't over do it now k? wahahaha! I love the pictures and comments, you're GRR-EAT!