Sunday, March 16, 2008

We Are Greatful For...

It's Sunday and we are looking for something to do. We've decided to post pictures of things we are thankful for.

"She's my favorite bear because I got her when I was born."

"Hot wheels are so awesome. They are so cool. I like to do fire races."

"I like dinosaurs because I like them."

"Uh-uh be-be."

"I am thankful for my awesome, cool, family and the very sturdy furniture we have."

An aside: I love Sundays. They really are a day set apart from the rest of the week. Every toy we own has been touched and dumped on the floor today. I took a nap. The smell of roast beef wafts from the crock pot all afternoon. We usually eat dessert!
And of course we go to church. Today in primary, Taran gave a talk. Right before the talk Enoch jumped out of his seat and started running around the room. Then Taran stood up to the podium and flipped all the papers that had been put there off into the audience. Finally, I caught Enoch and Taran was taken down from the podium by the Primary president and secretary. Then, after his introduction, Taran gave a wonderful talk on being like Jesus while Enoch sat in daddy's lap.


Whitlatch Family said...

Love your pictures and thoughts. Good to hear Taran is talking in front of large groups.

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

lovely boys you have! COME SOON(er)!