Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day!

Once again, Christmas was good to us, better than we deserve really. Santa came and so did family and friends. We did all of our traditions and started a new one this year.
We ate a yummy cinnamon roll breakfast, stayed in our jammies way past noon, ate appetizers, candies and cookies all day, and had friends over to play with our new toys.
The new tradition we have started is a package under the tree from Christ representing the best gift ever given, Eternal Life. We opened that package last.

One of our yearly traditions, we write out a gift that we will present to Jesus before going down to open our own gifts. Hopefully with this tradition and our new one, our children will understand that Christmas begins and ends with our Savior.

Calvin and Enoch wait & wait & wait on mommy and daddy's bed while everyone finishes their gift.

The waiting continues on the stairs. Will we ever go down?!!

Santa gave everyone "ball shooters" in their stockings. It's been chaos ever since.

David holds his action figure that Santa gave him, Sigmund Freud. Incidentally, he is speaking to his mother on the phone. Hmmm, tell me more...

Enoch shoots a blast from his Alien space ship that grandma Martin gave him. I love the red eye!

Six eyes! Santa gave Calvin and Enoch sun glasses in their stockings. They really cut down the snow glare.

Another Martin tradition, a present from our basement monster, Mmm-mmm. He gave us some food for the pantry that's down in the basement. OOooo! Freeze dried beef! The kids were impressed.

The aftermath.

David wearing Calvin's police helmet keeping the Martin house safe!

Taran got other things for Christmas, but by far his favorite was a Lego set of a Mars Mission Switch Fighter. He, daddy, and Enoch spent much of the day upstairs putting it together. Then when Calvin destroyed it, he spent another morning making it again.

At the end of the day, we packed it all up and got in the car for what turned out to be an 7 hour drive to Madison, South Dakota. And we left before the weather got to bad!

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