Monday, June 15, 2009

Martin Quote

Emma [Shouting across the street to her friend and trying to explain why she can’t come over to play.]: I can’t! My mom’s crazy!


Reuben said...


Whitlatch Family said...

wow. She really can call them as she sees them.

Patrick and Krystine said...

no way Lisa you are anythin but crazy, I'll stick up for you! Are you coming next week because I'm really excited to see you guys!!!

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

At least she tells the truth, unlike some other children I know of yours who I won't name but whose name rhymes with Benick. (I only jab because I have a daughter [whose name rhymes with Laddie] that is a perpetual truth distorter as well.)
No fears though on being alone in your craziness. I totally lost my super-mom cool at the library today with half the town's mothers watching. Oh to live in a small town of mild mannered mid-Westerners.
In the immortal words of Patrick Henry, "Give me loud-mouthed obnoxiousness or get me out of here!"