Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I’m still here, I’m still alive and I’d really love to post something.

Unfortunately my to do list is so hugely long--and everything on it must be done IMMEDIATELY--that if I think about it my body starts to seize up and shake so violently that I’m afraid I might explode! (Okay that might be a bit of an overstatement, but you get the idea right?)
The only way I am even able to post thus right now is that I’m nursing in front of the computer typing with one hand. It’s slow going…

I really do have a lot to put up here, we’ve been having a great life, I hope yours is as full, but this side is empty and I need to burp my baby…

…then make lunches,
start the crock pot,
make a cake (David’s invited a co-worker from CA to dinner),
clean the bathroom,
and the kitchen,
and the family room,
and close the doors to all the other rooms,
start the laundry (the boys are out of unders),
slice up watermelon (end of the year party),
fix the car (that’s a whole post in itself),
exercise (you can’t maintain this perfect size 14 without a little every day),
pick up little boys,
pick up Emma,
finish dinner,
pick up Taran,
take a shower (I skipped it yesterday),
and whatever else pops up: usually something with rewinding the roll of toilet paper or mopping up the lake of milk on and under the table.

And as you can see, I’ve put down the baby and indulged myself way too long on this rant.


Reuben said...

don't forget to go cycling with Emma & her new cycle!

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Yeah for typing with one hand! Instead of cleaning sometimes I just want to burn down the house & start all over.

Whitlatch Family said...

Everyone is lucky to have you, who else would even try to do everything. Don't forget time for yourself.

Ann said...

It's your great sense of humor that's going to keep you sane, Lisa. I LOLed at close the other doors and maintaining the size 14. I hear ya, both times!!

Dan and Jen said...

You are a super-woman! I need to make a to-do list so that I get some stuff done around here... for now, I am going to clean all the junk off my bed and go to sleep!

Is there a day next week that you want to drop your kids off here? Or, I can come to your house... whatever is easier for you.

The Churn Mistress said...

Whew! That list made me tired. i think I need to go lie down now.