Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy [belated] Father's Day


Dear Daddy,
We're coming! See you soon.
Love, Lisa, Emma, Taran, Enoch (artist of above card), Calvin & Willa (and David who won't be able to make it but is still bank rolling this cross country road trip).


Reuben said...


Katie said...

Good luck! I hope Dently is as gung-ho about the trip as you are!

The Churn Mistress said...

You can stay at my house on your way!

Lisa said...

Reuben- "Bumpa" is my father or my children's grandfather. The word was coined when my nephew (the first grandchild) had a very tenuous grasp of the English language and even fewer teeth. Because he was so cute, the name stuck.

Thank you Katie. So far so good. We leave for home again in a day or so. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Michelle, thank you for your kind offer. I would absolutly crash your house, but I am caravaning with my sister who lives in South Dakota. So my route this time is different. But I hear that David had a good time hanging out with Roger. Next time, if there is a next time, come with him! I will show you all the delights that Minneapolis has to offer!