Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter up North

Finally! The snow's all gone and with only a slight chance of it returning! Signs of spring indeed. So, we took up a friend's offer to celebrate Easter by going further north to Fargo.

What's left of our snow man...

Of course we did all the catching up and hanging out that you do with old friends, but we added Easter festivities as well.

Our friends do their hunt on the day before Easter, so they can concentrate on the real meaning of Easter on Sunday. I think it's a great idea and am considering stealing it, escpecially since the discussion I had with Calvin...

Calvin: [on Wednesday] Is today Easter?
Me: No that's Sunday.
Calvin: Then we'll get candy!
Me: Do you know why we celebrate Easter?
Calvin: [blank stare]
Me: We are celebrating the day Jesus was resurrected.
Calvin: [incredulously, as if I just told him pigs could fly] Noooo.

But Calvin got his wish. And there was plenty of candy, on Saturday.
Here all the kids line up at the stairs awaiting the Easter bunny.
Some were more patient than others.

The hunt in a beautiful, big backyard, not far from the overflowing Red River.

Willa looked until she found. Then she ate.

After the hunt.
Some more satisfied than others.

Turns out that Taran was very pleased with his haul afterall.

On Easter Sunday we went to church.
Emma and Willa wore their new Easter dresses compliments of Grandma Martin.
The cute blond is our friend Becky, the crying one is Willa.

Close up of the dresses:

Emma with her friend Jessica, also in a new Easter dress.

Happy Easter!
May you know and understand the true meaning.
With lots of candy too.

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