Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break

Now technically spring, but still with snow and cold outside, we found ways to have fun during Spring Break.

Monday: Spring Cleaning. (Okay, only fun for me.)

Tuesday: Children's Museum.

Wednesday and Thursday: Snow storm and Harry Potter Movie Marathon!
(These movies are looonnng. Plan on two days if you want to try this.)

This actually started last year when Taran picked up the first book in the series. I told him if he could read it, we'd watch the movie. He ended up reading and re-reading the series. So we did an entire party.

Here Enoch makes stars decorations to simulate the dining hall ceiling.

Emma and her friend hang the stars while Calvin helps.

And no Martin party is complete without food. We ate Bertie Botts every flavor jelly beans, popcorn, chocolate not-quite Frogs and pumpkin pasties.

Assembling the pasties.

Friday: The Science Museum.

Playing on the musical dots.

We went specifically to see the King Tut exhibit. It was a big deal with artifacts and treasures from the tomb right here in Minnesota! The exhibit was an added cost to the orginal ticket price, but I felt I was teaching my family awe inspiring history and a love of learning. Of course, if you ask, the only thing that they'll tell you about is the ancient stone toilet seat they saw.

All-in-all, a successful Spring Break!

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