Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Enoch Did This Summer

Post by Enoch:

This summer I learned to ride my bike.  At first the bike I was riding was too small.  Then we got a new bike from Victor’s mom.  Victor is a friend.  The new bike was a better size.  It was bigger.  I practiced a whole lot.  Daddy helped me practice.  When daddy helped I was very angry.  He held the seat and let go when I didn’t know he did.  I actually didn’t know he let go.  I was riding it!  Until I looked back and freaked out and fell in the drain.

When I learned to ride my bike my mommy said we could ride to the movie theater.  We, the family and I, but not daddy cause he was at work, went to the movies.  We saw Rio.  We ate popcorn.  I liked going to the movie theater.  We had a great time.

 Taran, me, Calvin, and Emma

Resting in the lobby of the movie theater.

It was fun.

Going home.  That's me in the back with my new bike.

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Melanie said...

Great post Enoch! I hate it when I freak out and fall in the drain. I'm glad you stuck with it!