Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Taran Did This Summer

The corn feed was fine.  It was a little strange at first.  We left Kirsti's house and ended up at the corn feed.  It was also my birthday.  At first I didn't want to go to the corn feed.  But it ended up okay.  Emma said she would buy me some donuts (she didn't; she got me a marshmallow shooter.)  We got corn.  We shot marshmallow cross bows.  We did some games, got some candy and played in the fun houses.

Enoch and Calvin trying the corn heads.

We are eating lovely, HOT corn. 

I got the most seasoned piece.

A couple days later I had my family party.  I'm going to blow out the candles.
(I haven't had my birthday party yet.)


Reuben said...

Whaaaa? what is a family party? I want a family party!

Katie said...

Me too! But I don't want just any family party, I want a MARTIN family party!!! (I'm just kidding. Although I would love a Martin family party, I wasn't asking for you to throw me a party.)