Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Madison, day 3

Madison Days continued at a park with an art fair and great food.

Addie and Enoch eating kettle corn.

But the absolute favorite past time in Madison with my family is just hanging out and doing
 whatever feels right at the time...

even if it's wearing a cat suit,
making chains of clover,
Emma and Elizabeth.
eating Scotcheroos,

The whole gang gathered around Kirsti's kitchen island counter.

trying the on hats and glasses in the women's section,
Calvin and Enoch in Souix Falls JCPenny looking fly.

meeting up with far flung family members,
Aunt Elaine came in from Utah to attend a family history convention in Sioux Falls.
or in Kirsti's case, literally hanging.
Kirsti, because she can, shimmies, hangs and makes her descent on a park swing set pole.

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