Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year & Kites, by Emma

On a really windy day in January, we decided fly the dollar store kites, and take advantage of the cold-no snow-windy weather.

Here we are trying to keep the kite from ripping out of our hands. If you didn't have gloves or a really good grip, you'd get a string burn!

Willa crying, thinking that the kite was going to fly away.
One more pic of Willa crying as the kite was pulled around, worrying that it would snap. (Which, unfortunately, it did.)

Elizabeth and Oliver playing with the toys, ignoring the crazy people who ran after the kite that snapped and flew into the cemetery.

Different kinds of hot chocolate! How can you choose between classical and french vanilla?

Oliver and Willa, the Troublesome Duo, found aunt Kirsti's mascara.

Willa, knowing that you apply it around the eyes, decided to become a temporary makeup artist.

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