Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oscar's First Meal by Emma

 This is Oscar's first real food, and he ate it pretty quickly. Of course, it wasn't mess free. He kept on putting his fingers in the way. After I had put a spoonful in his mouth, spat it out, and we all laughed. After that, Oscar kept on spiting the cereal out until no one laughed (Which is kind of annoying, since I had scrape his chin off every time he played his little trick).  

                                This is one of his first spoonfuls. He looks a lot plumper now.

Oscar trying to grab the spoon. After he finished his food, he kept on playing with the spoon, shoving it in his mouth to see if there was anything on it.

Note from Mom:  The first solid food is such a fun milestone and I've always been the one to feed my babies the milky, grainy mixture, but this time I asked Emma if she would like to try.  She is such a huge help to and with Oscar that I wanted her to have the honor.  She loves him and it's apparent from the bottom picture that Oscar loves her. 

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