Friday, April 20, 2012

Just So I Don't Forget

*2012 Some duplicate photos*
He, all of them really, are growing so fast! I've become a picture taking maniac. Taking pictures of the strangest thing so I'll remember. I don't want to forget that cute snuggly face in the mornings.
And it's time to give this bouncy seat up. Oscar's grown out of it. So has Emma, (the first to be in it) and Taran, Enoch, Calvin, and Willa. 
They all used it. Some of them even liked it. I loved it. It meant I could put down a baby and maybe get a shower. It was a first highchair so David and I could eat. And it is so 1999 developmentally appropriate, that's when they thought babies could only see black, white and red and they cautioned against stomach sleeping but side sleeping was just fine. First feedings were at 4 months old and rice cereal was what they ate. 

And I just need to add these somewhere, pictures of the two littlest at the Minnesota Children's Museum.
Oscar sitting in the baby room Eagle's nest.
Willa sweeping up in the restaurant.  Notice the boots on the wrong feet.

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