Monday, March 9, 2009

Birth Art

[This should've been posted four weeks ago. Oops.]

Our doula gave me one of the most interesting birth books--usually the books I've read talk about timing contractions and breathing patterns, all technically interesting but USELESS during child birth--Birthing from Within by Pam England. It is at times profound, helpful, and new age cheesy. I highly recommend it.
One element of the book is "Birth Art." England collects and displays art from women who will or have given birth. She inspired a Family Home Evening.

Behold, our Birth Art...

Calvin's conception of a baby sister. I've titled it "Displacement."

Enoch's rendition of baby-to-be. When asked what it represented he mentioned "tanks" and "explotions."

Taran's multi-media work, play dough on crayon. It is a portrait himself after the baby's birth.

Emma's ideal. Also can be used as a helpful instruction: Crib, insert baby from top.

My own work portraying my hope for a birth that is controlled by me and not by doctors (hence the unusual labor position) and the desired result, David holds the happy, healthy baby while I rest.

And my personal favorite, David's work of art, Father of Five...

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Tracey said...

LOVE the birth art! Birthing From Within is really a great book. Glad you liked it too:)