Thursday, March 19, 2009

Martin Quote

Calvin: You a bad mommy!
Mommy: I know, it's because I practice at night when you're sleeping.
Taran: No. You watch movies with daddy.


The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Super cute.

Lisa, I could NEVER imagine you as a bad mommy.

Dan and Jen said...

I would have to agree with the above post... You are a wonderful mommy!

Andrew has told me more than once over the last 2 weeks "It will be good when your foot is better and you can stop being lazy." I love being called lazy by my 5 year old! I think he is sick of doing so many chores.

Whitlatch Family said...

So you think that's bad. I took a stupid fac ebook quiz on what type of parent I am (thought good) but I was only rated trying parent still have not succeeded. Kids don't count, give them a cookie and your back to super status.

KWit said...

lol... your martin quotes just crack me up. Love it that you share them!