Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas Story

This long post is lovingly dedicated to Grandma Martin, Nana, and Bumpa. We missed you on Christmas and thought of you while we took these pictures.

Christmas Eve

We started the night by lighting the candles near the nativities. Emma made our family this nativity.

Aunt Mary's nativity.

The first nativity David & I bought when we were married. We got it after Christmas, on sale.

The Little People nativity.

This is how it should look.

Our Precious Moments nativity. It's missing a few pieces. We'll find them, we always do.

We invited the Missionaries to dinner and Cheryl and Kyle came.

After dinner we reenacted the Christmas Story.
Cheryl was Mary. Kyle was Joseph. A doll represented Baby Jesus. Enoch, Emma, and Willa were shepherds. Calvin, the Missionaries and Taran were Kings. David was an angel at the piano.

I was the angel narrator.
After the Christmas play. We exchanged Pixie (aka Secret Santa) gifts and ate dessert. The Elders went home. We hung up our stockings and sent the kids to bed.

Then we set out the gifts and put Cheryl and Kyle to bed.

Santa came and filled our stockings.

He left us his gift to our family. Our Santa fills the stockings and brings one gift for the whole family. This year he brought us Music! A ukelele, piano books (Emma loves ABBA), and a new digital piano! (arriving soon by mail).

The tree was LOADED with gifts. Kyle and Cheryl brought us a big surprise. More than half the gifts under the tree were from them.Stay tuned to see what they were.

Santa also brought gobs and gobs of snow.

Christmas Morning
Even I have a hard time sleeping in on Christmas morning and woke up with the kids at 5am. I went back to sleep of course. But woke up again at 5:30, 6, 6:30 and on. It is too much fun listening to Emma and Taran tell each other how excited they are.
Around 7 Kyle and Cheryl joined us upstairs to write our Christmas gifts to Jesus.

They were so exicited they couldn't keep still.

We said a family prayer and then gathered at the top of the stairs.

Coming down!

David found the uke. It was a surprise for him.

Willa got her sled.

Enoch got Hotwheels.

Taran got Legos.

Emma wanted a doll.

And Calvin received a camera.

Emma made us an awesome gift. It was Christmas cards that was also a matching game.

What was Cheryl and Kyle's gift? Food! Each can of beans and box of rice individually wrapped. We had a blast unwrapping it all.

The aftermath.

Once all the presents had been opened and played with a bit, we ate a big breakfast.

We were all a little tired.

So some of us took a naps.

We had a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Night
We decided to go play out in the snow.

Shoot snowballs at each other with Uncle Kyle's cool guns.

And build a snowman.

David had to go to some friends' house to shovel their walk because they asked [tricked] us.

May your holidays be filled with joy and happiness too.
Merry Christmas!!!


Reuben said...

shucks... i didn't mean you had to shovel on christmas day!!!!

other than pesky chores for friends, it sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!

Lisa said...

Oh, it wasn't a problem, we just wanted to tease you back! Hope your Christmas was just as good.

Laurie Hasleton said...

What a great Christmas post! I loved seeing the pictures. Wish we could have been there; or you here. Hmmm...snow...better that you come here.
Love you all so very very much.


Sandi said...

We unwrapped food from under the tree too, but alas it was all chocolate.

Lisa said...

Hey Sandi, Good to hear from you! We can swap food if you like. Hope you had a merry Christmas. Enjoyed your card!