Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving in South Dakota with the Meyers! Dinner was standard stuffed to the gills fare. The fun was the people!

Here we are in the kitchen cleaning up after much, very much, good food.

Kirsti, flushed with the triumph of a great meal!--and pregnancy.

Taran eating pie, while an unknown family member comes in for the kill.

Addie, Raquel, Emma, Issac, Calvin, and Asmond enjoy dessert and each other.

Earlier that day...
Kirsti planned our own Fun Run along the semi paved road that runs behind their home.

Before the run, Addie, Enoch, and Calvin treed a cat.

Get ready!

Get set!


Nothing stops this sister o'mine. Not pregnancy, not Thanksgiving dinner in 6 hours, not house full of guests--NOTHING!

Enoch doing his best.

Go Cheryl, go!

David had to persuade Taran to do his best.

J.B. had the babies.

While this baby, just plain had it.

Afterwards, there was banana bread, hot chocolate and warmth waiting inside.

We are so Thankful for the blessings we all share!

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