Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Cookout

During one of this summer's heat waves we were invited to a cook out at our friend Robin's house. She loves her cook outs and is not one to be deterred by something as inconsequential as weather--we once watched a black cloud blow in a green sky, ignored the warning sirens, and didn't head inside it started to hail.  So even though it was hot and humid enough to boil spaghetti in your hand, she pulled out her fire pit and we had a weenie roast.

Emma stands as close as she dares.

Willa has the same philosophy as Robin's, only her's pertains to marshmallows: any temperature is a good temperature for roasting peeps.

Everyone drank a lot of fluids.  Only Calvin attached them to his tongue.
We love Robin's cook outs and hope to go to many more, no matter the weather!

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