Sunday, July 24, 2011

More summer

Cub Scout Base Camp

Taran is a Wolf Scout (almost to Bear) and although he has been a cub scout for a couple of years this is the first year he went to scout camp. We--Calvin, Enoch, Taran, and I--went to the newly opened Base Camp on Fort Snelling. Calvin and Enoch attended the "sibling camp" while I went as a scout "leader."

Most of the camp options were late summer, but I wisely chose to do the camp in late June so I could beat the heat. Of course the two days I chose happened to be exactly the hottest days of the first heat wave that hit us this summer.

We tried to stay cool by doing most of the activities inside (which was cooler than outside, but NOT air conditioned) and drinking plenty of water.

All the boys, siblings included, learned archery.
Here is a long view of Calvin shooting. He's the one next to the instructor in blue shorts.

Taran awaiting his turn on the indoor climbing wall.

Taran taking aim.

The next day we went out early, so it was only around 85 degrees with high humidity and Taran tried out the outdoor climbing wall.

They let Enoch do it too.

Because Base Camp is on Fort Snelling property, not far from the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum, a docent from the museum, a former Navy pilot, came to talk to the boys. He demonstrated some of the gear with Taran and Calvin as models.
The poor man was obviously very hot. But he handled the boys' questions well, somehow being patriotic and condemning war at the same time.

Besides, who can resist a man in uniform?

Afterwards the boys made paper plate aircraft and threw them from the second floor balconies. It was quite a site to see them fly.

Of course there was also games. The kind that little boys play, dodge ball, toilet tag, water balloon toss and such. There was a short hike the first day. And other cub scout-like activities. All in all it was a fine experience and I hope my boys remember.

You might wonder, but where were Emma and Willa? I offered to sign Emma up for the sibling camp and find a sitter for Willa. Emma declined and offered to watch Willa herself. DEAL!
So she stayed home, kept Willa occupied and baked cookies on those two record breaking days of heat. She also caught up on her Glee episodes. So, everybody got what they wanted. Including
homemade oreos!

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