Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lesson Learned

I want to continue updating our Martin Family Life Adventures but after the day that we've had and the article I read in the Star Tribune about "facebook depression" (go ahead, google it) I feel that only showing happy, shiny times would be wrong, morally, ethically, honestly...

You see, today I left church early and in tears. And I didn't leave gracefully (because you can't do anything gracefully 7 months pregnant, trailing 5 kids). I didn't even have the where withal to wait for a hymn, just stood up mid bishop sermon and pretty much stumbled out. Got home, sent the kids to bed and sobbed into a bowl of cocoa puffs.

Do you feel better about your life? Because if I have ever given the impression that all is sunshine and roses at the Martin home, than I want to set the record straight. Both for friends now and children looking back at their past. Emma, Taran, Enoch, Calvin, and Willa, listen up: you were both wonderful children and at times so awful that I couldn't sit another second with you in that pew!

And I hope you remember this day. I hope you can always recall the shame it was to walk out of chapel early and go home to spend the rest of day in bed. Sadly, I think the only things you'll remember are the wonderful people who quickly stepped in to help and the delightful dinner one friend brought. Because when I said we needed to thank Sister Howell for returning Willa's left behind shoes and the sympathy food she delivered, Taran said, "And you kinda need to thank us too."


Reuben said...

You know, I've always thought that our standard chapels should come with a dozen or so small padded rooms suitable for stuffing small, naughty children in.

Seriously, though, anyone who thinks a Sacrament Meeting is suitable for children is nuts. Maybe if there was a clown walking up and down the aisles handing out balloon animals, but otherwise....

PH is a saint of the highest heavens.

Katie said...

I remember once we were on the phone together and you asked one of your kids to do something (again), and you sounded so nice and sweet that I commented on it to you-about how nice you sounded even though you were probably quite frustrated with him. Your response was "Oh, if you could just see my face!!", indicating that you were glaring at aforementioned child. I still think of that whenever my tone of voice suggests I'm not being as sweet as you sounded that day :)

I still think you're an angel.

Jen said...

I equate Sacrament Meeting with an hour long wrestling match and I never am the victor! Some day we will look back and miss the chaos that is our lives now... until then, hang in there!

I agree with Katie! You are fine example of a great mom :)