Sunday, June 26, 2011


It's catch up time... Sometimes I wonder what I will do when I finally catch up to every To-Do item on my list. What will I have to live for? What will wake me in the morning? Thankfully, life continues to throw itself at us. I will never catch up and my obituary will read:

Lisa Martin
Loving Mother and Wife, she leaves behind her devoted husband and six loving children, mounds of dirty laundry, bills to be paid, and a lost library book that's probably fallen behind the bed, but would be easier to just pay the fine than to pull it out and sort through all that dust and crud. As she is the only one who knew where the ketchup was, she will be missed.

But before I enter an eternity of rest (which isn't what I really believe, because as a Mormon, I am obligated to believe in an eternity of work, improvement, and perfection... every day those born-agains look better and better.) I have to deal with Life's most recent pitch. LICE!

That's right, the Minneapolis School District gave us a parting gift of buggy hair! Yuck. I have been doing laundry ever since. Piles and piles of clothes, pillows, blankets, sheets. Vacuuming has become a summer past time. And we end each day with a prayer, a kiss, and head check.

Here's Willa in front of the latest batch of laundry.

But don't you worry about me. Soon enough the lice will be gone, the laundry put away, and the To Do list close to clear. I'm guessing right about the same time I go into labor.


Reuben said...

awww. willa is adorbz.

Liz and Don Wortley said...

Love your obituary! Hang in there!

Cheney Family said...

Aw, I am so sorry about the lice :( no fun! Its been about a year since I've looked at anyone's blog. When did Emma get so tall?!?! You look fantastic as always :) Did I read that you guys went geocaching? It's one of our favorite things to do. :) Have a great rest of your summer!