Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pillow Talk

Here is the last of the "catch ups" for the day. I couldn't possibly do it all in one sitting. What would I do with the extra time afterward? Get to bed on time? Unthinkable.

These photos are from one very lazy morning. Either it's a Saturday right before school got out, or one of our first summer mornings. I remember David was gone, that's for sure. He left us for four weeks to work with my brother-in-law who is a beekeeper. We missed him and things felt odd at first. So the kids often came into my room.

This morning I wouldn't let them in my bed. I just kept throwing down pillows and telling them to lay on the floor. After a while I declared it was time to get dressed and they refused. So we made it into a game. They could stay on the floor for as long as they wanted UNLESS they took their head off of the pillow.

Side note: Are you beginning to see how we all got lice?

While they were glued to the ground I was able to get in a whole chapter.

Willa was not a part of the game. So they would yell for her to come and join them.

Calvin was the first to go, then Enoch, then Emma. Taran could have made it the whole day. But I'm sure he didn't feel it was worth it.

Here's to lazy summer mornings. May yours as lazy and bug free!

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Jen said...

Lisa! I am so glad you found us. I need to be better about leaving comments, because I read your blog anytime you update...I'm kinda crazy like that :) Sorry you have had to deal with lice (scratch, scratch). I love reading your witty posts! I always leave smiling. I can't believe how much your kids have grown in the last 8 months. That must mean mine are growing too, darn it! I hope you are feeling well. You probably don't have much longer, although I don't know when you are due. We miss all of you Minneapolis friends!
PS: Email me your new # :)