Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mother's Little Helper

Next on the blog catch up list is Mother's Day.
For mother's day I got an iPhone! That's right, after basically having no cell phone of any kind, I've now joined the new millinium with the latest, greatest phone out there. I am so techno hip! At least for the next month? When does the next version come out?

Seriously, it's a really fun gadget. I can read and send email on it. Look up stocks. And stay up to do date with information and news. Of course what I use it for most for is a calendar and to do list. Making it a super expensive, battery dependent piece of scrap paper. But I can also take pictures with it!

Behold, the first pictures I took.

Yes, this was an accident.

I was meaning to do this.

But this is my favorite.

As is this one I took a couple of days later while entertaining Willa at a school band concert. That's the other thing this "phone" regularly does: Keeps the kids happy.

And these pictures were taken so I could use them as "wall paper" for my phone.

Which means every time I turn on my phone I see these guys.

Happy Mama's Day to ME!

P.S. In order to make this all possible, this phone has now become the "home phone" as well. I've tried to make it known that the number has changed, but if you need our new number, just shoot me an email-or leave a comment.

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Katie said...

I'll be needing your new number then, for our semi-annual catchup. ;)