Sunday, June 5, 2011

In the Dark

I'm still not feeling up to blogging about the things that we have done lately; it just takes so much work to find that cord that connects the camera to the computer. But it hasn't been all laziness, we have done some stuff:

Chemists in the Library
Wherein an older gentleman tried to shush the entire children's section of the library and my children came home with little baggies of jello like substance called "flubber."

Found our first Geocache
Wherein my children whined every step until we found the cache and then whined that we didn't have something to trade.

Field Day
Wherein we all got our first sun burns.

Planted some pretty flowers
Wherein our yard status went up from "Grey Gardens" to "white trash."

Made thank you gifts with for teachers with SHRINKY DINKS!
Wherein I fulfilled a childhood dream of baking plastic in the oven.
Which I'm always doing, (so deserves a mention) as well as dishes, and clean up, and food prep, and driving, diapering, sweeping, wiping, washing, and someone is almost always crying. No wonder I'm too tired to get up and find that cord.

Until that time, I give you one of our Family Home Evenings (in February?):
a Martin Style Rave
sponsored by none other than Nana, who sent us glow in the dark sticks for Halloween (see? I'm not just a neglectful blogger, I am completely anachronistic! I almost never let that pesky old calendar dictate to me!).

We turned the lights off and the music up, ate some ice cream and got jiggy wit it...

David? in some super fly goggles.

Group photo!

With the flash.

Dancing like no one is watching.

Even when some one is!


Glow stick illuminated ice cream.

Done! and ready for bed.


Reuben said...

Oh you guys are too much fun!

I tried taking the 11-year-old scouts geocaching once. They were soooooo not into it, until we found the cache. Then they were TOTALLY into it for about 2 minutes, at which point they were sooooo not into it again.

Melanie said...

You guys are so awesome. How did you get the kids to all lie down at once? Was there something extra in that ice cream?

Belle of the Blues said...

You make me laugh. What a fun FHE!

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Thanks for teaching me a new word. I'm going to be using anachronistic for the next couple of weeks.