Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wonder of a Willa

For some time I've been taking candid shots of Willa. But there isn't really a good place to put random photos in our Martin life blog. But what these pictures represent is so much a part of day to day life in the Martin house. So here you go, a grouping of pictures of what it is to be the two year old in a family of seven...

Willa loves her brother's pull ups and often tries to put them on. Sometimes she gets it. Sometimes not so much.

Willa beast sitting on the stairs with her balloon, train slippers, a "pretty" (aka cheap plastic necklace) in her hair, and a bloody nose.

Will'a-the-wisp sitting and reading her favorite Dick and Jane (often pronounced "Chicken Jane" or "Dick and Sally") to her baby doll.

Wide eyed Willa after finding my lipstick.

Willa gorilla in battle gear.

Willa-zilla throwing a tantrum.

And taking a time out.

This is the face you got when you ask Ms. Wills to "smile."

Silly Willy grinning like a cheshire cat after eating/smearing a cupcake on the way to some appointment.

Willa chinchilla in her lady bug dress, dressed as a lady bug at the library. Love the hands on the hips.

Crazy baby Willa tied up into a swing and thrown around by her older siblings down in the basement.

We love our wonderful, wild, wily Willa.


Reuben said...

Awesome! Willa has always been on my list of my top ten favorite Martins.

Jen said...

She looks like a little girl, not the baby I remember. Love all of the nicknames!

Belle of the Blues said...

I love all your fun nicknames for her. She is adorable! That first photo made me laugh out loud.