Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked

As a family, we often take walks on Sundays. Sometimes we have a spot in mind, but more often than not we get in the car and drive until we find a park or green area that looks interesting. One warm, muggy Sunday, July 24 to be exact, we drove a little north, got lost and found a pretty park.

The date, July 24 is special because it is the day Brigham Young and his team first entered what was to become Utah. Of course, it's a big day in Utah, but it's also a time for Mormons outside of the intermountain west to remember the pioneers who were forced from their home in the east and built a new life in the west. So it was fun to find this monument on our walk. It is a tribute to the pioneers who left their homes (some of them forced as well) in the east and came to build new homes in Minnesota. Proudly, the Martins (through my father) claim that pioneer stock as well.
"The monument, hewn from Minnesota granite, portrays a pioneer family of three generations with a rifle, axe and handle of a plow. On the reverse side are carved sheaves of grain, representing the product for which Minneapolis and the Northwest have become most famous. Below this symbol is a Native American chief offering a peace pipe to Father Hennepin." (quoted from mpls Park & Rec site)

Because the park was so picturesque, I had Emma snap of pregnant picture of me.

And then I asked David to take one of me with all the kidilins. He took many pictures and proclaimed that I looked great. "But I look so tired and puffy!" I said when I saw them. "But that's what you are." He said with love and concern. *sigh* How can you argue with such disgusting logic.

I took this one of my poor feet: tired and puffy. I must remember that pregnant women crossed the plains with much less comfortable foot ware. Who am I too complain?

A walking bridge over the Mississippi River. The gentleman in the background is fishing. I just get such a kick every time I see such a "rural" activity being done in such an "urban" area. But I really put this picture up because of Calvin's pose. Any time this boy has to stand still, he kicks his leg up behind him and grabs it, lets it go, and then kicks up the other leg and grabs it. He alternates legs until he begins moving again. In other words, there is no still in standing still for Calvin. In fact, there is no still in the boy at all.

An abandoned train bridge crossing the Mississippi made it possible for us to make a large loop on our walk instead of back tracking. It was strong but swayed and had large gaps between the wooden ties. I was surprised that it wasn't blocked off--not even a no trespassing sign. Of course, there was one on the other side. But that's a little late.

Back home, we put on our jammies and ate the "Happy Pioneer Day" chocolate that grandma sent. It's not traditional to send chocolate, but it as good an excuse as any, and it should be!

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