Monday, August 15, 2011

Looking down at Minneapolis

Earlier this summer I scored some library passes to visit the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis. At the time it was built it was the tallest building in the Midwest.

It was modeled after the Washington Monument but is really a commemoration of the decadence of the roaring '20s. However, the shape of the building does explain the bust of our first president in the tiny museum visitors must walk through before going out to the observation deck.

One of the reasons we leave the house is to get away from the screens (computer, television, Wii) and learn about the real world. Fortunately for my children the museum had it's own screen! They watched old cartoons like Felix the Cat and newsreels as aptly as any Pixar flick.

Emma did finally get away from the shows to snap a few pictures. Here is one she took of the Foshay when it was first built.

When we finally got outside the view was magnificent! The Foshay is no longer the tallest building--not even close--but you can still see a lot of doings from out there.

Here's another picture Emma took. It is the reflection of the Foshay on a neighboring building. I wish I knew downtown well enough to say which building it is.

Willa and her cousin, Elizabeth, couldn't see anything unless hoisted up. Even then what is tall buildings, tiny cars, and tree tops compared to running in circles around a skyscraper?

Aunt Cheryl and Elizabeth sweetly showing off the original sign.

And the Martins--blurry and noisy--yep, that's us.

On the way home...Calvin having a West Side Story dance moment as we made our way to light rail.

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You look great!! So do your great kids.