Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Outing, the Bakken

We finally made a trip to the Bakken Museum. It's one of the last museums in the Twin Cities geared toward children that we've visited. Now what are we going to do? I guess when you finish the list, you just sit back and enjoy the memories until you kick that bucket. Here are the memories...

Willa, cheesing it up in front of some crank battery that rings a bell when you turn the handle. It's right up her alley. I'm glad it's in a museum and not our home.

Emma operates the mini magnetic crane.

Ham sandwich Enoch poses with two magnets that make waves on an (I can't believe I'm going to describe it this way) old fashioned television set.

Calvin is wired to play a game of brain ball. The person with the most relaxed brain activity wins. Now this is one thing I do wish I had in my home. Whenever anyone of my kids got to intense--which is often--I could simply yell, "Go play your brain dead game... RIGHT NOW!"

There was a demonstration that day with Lego Mindstorms. Taran has used them before in the Lego club at school. He made several friends right there on the floor of the museum as he helped them program their robots. Taran wants one for Christmas and they're only anywhere from 300 to 900 bucks! We will continue to find places to use them outside of our home.

Not surprisingly, one of the favorite spots in the mansion turned museum was the reading library. What can I say, we're incurable nerds who know how to have a good time.


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