Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Long Ago/Not So Long Ago...

Not So Long Ago

This last November we participated on the Powderhorn Empty Bowls charity. The good people of Powderhorn neighborhood make bowls at the park ceramics classes throughout the year. Then on a day in November they make soup and sell the "empty bowls." You can fill the bowl with soup and eat with neighbors and friends. The money earned goes to various food programs in the city. We've gone to eat before, but this year we wanted to be more active.

Emma and Taran washed bowls in preparation for soup.

Calvin helped to keep the dining room clean.
Calvin eating his soup.

Enoch's job was to clean up left behind cups and spoons.

Enoch noshes on the delicious bread. 

Willa just mostly hung out at the children's book and crayon area.
Willa enjoys a drink.

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