Thursday, December 8, 2011

RIP Dently

Sadly, our wonderful wonder car, Dently, drove his last errand about a month ago. One morning we piled in to go to school but the engine would not turn over and we just knew that it was permanent; there would be no miraculous revival. Fortunately we still had the Oscar box and were able to get to and from school another way.

The next day when we got home there was a new car waiting for us!

It has a seat belt for every member of our family!

But we will always remember our beloved Covered Wagon, "cow car," Dently.  May he Rest in Peace in that big Freeway in the Sky.

Not long before Dently left us, I found this note on him. 
We never did do an art car parade or show, but we felt the solidarity with our art car neighbors.

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Reuben Collins said...

awesome! I wish a new car would just magically appear in my driveway!

When is the car painting party? I think this one should have an outer-space theme. I'm great at painting planets and stars.