Sunday, December 11, 2011

It Happened a Long Time Ago

Okay, so not so very, very long ago, but when you compare all that has changed since we went to the Minnesota State Fair, it seems like it should be a very long time:  school started, Oscar came, we got a new car, and all the green color in the pictures and warm weather is completely gone.  Here's to memories...

All our trips to the fair have started with a lemonade stand.
Enoch, Calvin, Jayden (neighbor friend), Taran, & Victor (school friend)

It's where we earn the money to go.
Emma was the behind-the-scenes manager.  She made the lemonade and goodies we sold.
We always see the live stock first.
Taran meets a newborn lamb.

Willa taunts a chicken.

Calvin and Enoch admire the poultry.

But never miss a go at the midway.
Calvin and Enoch flying high.

Taran and David come out of the fun house.

The whole gang.

We meet up with friends.
Emma talks with Mr. Obama.

And no fair is complete without a trip to the dairy building for butter heads and ice cream.
Ice cream on a hill.

The dairy barn.

Me, with milk and cookies!

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