Sunday, February 12, 2012

Can't Get Enough of my Baby

Poor boy. He's the last Martin and all the pictures, all the experiences, and all the feelings I didn't take, have, or record for the others I am doing for Oscar.  It means that I have lots of random photos and many long videos too that I don't know how to organize or display.  Hence, an adorable dump of Oscar...

Sweetly lying sick on daddy's tummy

One last picture on the bouncer we bought way back for Emma when everyone said that babies needed to see things in black, red, and white and putting them to sleep on their tummies wasn't child endangerment.

Cozy with his bottle on a cold winter morning.

Splashing in the bath tub. I've tried to never bore anyone with long videos of my children doing unremarkable things before. But now that I'm looking at my last grow up, I panic, and realize, it's ALL remarkable!  [Update:  I can't get the video to work on blogger, it is saved in Picasa.]
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